[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

this day in quotes

“sir, nawala po yung skin ko!” -classmate to the instructor, pertaining to the onion skin peeling.

“s’ya si angel, manonood s’ya ng sine bukas. sama kayo.”  -my classmate introducing me to class.

“s’ya si michael. favorite water, tap water. favorite foot, right foot.” -another classmate introducing someone to class.

“sino’ng prof mo sa bio 11? Si ma’am cantiller. Huh?” my classmates and I talking. ma’am cantiller is my psych 145 prof.

“aah. sino prof mo sa 118? divine love ocampo?! whut? aii mali, divine love salvador. aah, buti naabutan mo pa s’ya sa 118. aii mali, sa 115 ko s’ya prof.” -sabaw si classmate. 😀

Prof: Castillo?
Student: Wala na po.
Prof: namayapa na?
Student: nag-cancel lang po.

Student: Sir, kayo na po ang stable na instructor namin?
Ako (epal): aii hindi, super unstable nga ni sir eh.


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