[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

We’ll be All Right

we’ll be all right (click here for song draft)

miss angel

Don’t cry coz I will never leave your side
Tonight we’ll fight the darkness of the skies
Even though they’re towering over us
Even though they’re higher above
Doesn’t matter how small we are
We’ll fight

I will always be by your side
I will always comfort you
I will take your pain away
Don’t give up on dreaming
You can count on every morning
The sun will just keep on shining
Tomorrow, we’ll be all right

Don’t be afraid of your shadows
They’ll never catch you
Walk on, lead on, and just hold my hand
I will follow you to where you wanna go
Even though it’s dark and cold
We could warm up with the light that love can bring inside

I could see the stars in your eyes
Tonight, tonight
Don’t let those stars get clouded by fears
tonight, tonight


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