[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

Another Trip Down Memory Lane

This campus was a witness to everything we had and did and shared since January. We talked and laughed and walked here. HERE.

Now that you’re gone, UP seems empty and lifeless. BORING. I tried perking up a little, to no avail. Everywhere I go is a constant reminder of you, and of me when I was with you. I’m very different now. I look at this place with different eyes – these eyes that shed millions of tears, eyes that no longer see you here. Everything’s different now. I suffocate at the memories, of those lovely moments that make me cry. Nostalgia is my enemy. And your face, I can no longer see in the midst of the crowd. It’s a sad recollection, knowing that we made so much here. It’s where we drew our dreams at the night sky. It’s where we always talk about our future together, which won’t come true anymore.

It’s hard. All these memories that are crashing me down. It seems that every wall breathes your name. Everywhere I look at, I see flicks of the past. I see scenes that drown me into a sea of regret and longing and unchanging love.

I tried. Believe me, I tried moving on. I did everything to erase your part in me. But thoughts of you always sneak in my malfunctioning mind. I still can’t accept that it’s already over. That I have to endure another semester without you as my comfort, my best friend, my support. I can’t see myself having to do this alone. WITHOUT YOU.

I’m still incomplete. I love this place but it’s haunted without you.


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