[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

Hey Mirror.

Hey Mirror,

Okay, first of all, let me tell you that everything you did in the past month is completely ridiculous. You just wasted your time making crazy plans to get him back or make him realize that you’re still the one. But hey sister, all those attempts to be with him again were all futile and didn’t do you any good. Now, here you are talking to yourself like a big pathetic loser. Did I stress that enough?

You tried making him jealous, yes? You brought a hot and gorgeous date to Stesha’s debut to get back at him. You approached him and said hello. And what did he say? “You two look perfect together!” Damn! That didn’t work like what you expected. You realized that he also had a hot a gorgeous date of his own and you ended up as the one who’s being stabbed by jealousy. Oh boy! That night was a total waste of make up, don’t you think? What’s more is your date fell in love with you. Another mess.

Next, you tried digging up dirt on his new girl. But every time you ask one of his or her friends, they just tell you how amazing and beautiful and kind and intelligent and humble and perfect she is. Nothing compares to you who is one hell of a bitch. Another fail.

So, there you were, exhausted and drained. You wanted to convince him that you’re the one for him. You wanted him back, badly. But you were just an unfortunate piece of the past for him. And there’s no way you could change his decision of ending up his relationship with you. That’s a total bummer, right?

Oh well, so you decided to just end this whole scam and be his friend. You called him one night and asked how he was lately. Then just out of the blue, he said, “I miss you.” I mean, who the fuck is he to say that? He dumped you, right? Then he’d say that? He was just toying with your emotions, sister! And you really fell for it, for fuck’s sake! Now, you ended up being the martyr. The queen of unrequited love. You didn’t get him back, you fool. But you just proved that he didn’t lose you, after all.

Damn, I hate you, totally. I like you better when you were planning evil things and bitching about his new girl and flirting with him, however insane and idiotic you sounded. Now, look at you, you are giving up already. Is that what you want, to surrender? To just wallow and mope around? Wake up sister! He’s not the only guy in the world. He’s not the only one you would want to be with. Gather all your energy and do what all single women do – be genuinely happy with someone else and make your ex realize that he’s crazy to let you go. And he’s not the only one who could make you laugh like hell. And he would be miserable without you. Believe me, it’s the sweetest revenge you could get.




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