[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]


when you look back and think of all the memories you had with someone, you begin to wonder what went wrong. you rewind each scene, each flashback, and see if you can pinpoint the first signs of trouble. when did you start falling apart? how did it end?

sometimes, you would sit down and ponder over these things. then you’d realize everything was just a hazy blur. you had pieces of the past, yet when you tried making up the whole story, something would always keep on missing. then you’d know what it was. it was the feeling, the emotion, the consciousness when those memories were still live moments in your life.

there were vivid colors before. every feeling seemed solid and tangible. but now, you’re grasping in darkness, wishing to relive those memories, chasing every flashback with a pang of regret. and now, they’re all black and white.



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