[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

I love it when…

You give me piggyback rides whenever I say I’m tired of walking.
You give me a massage when I tell you I’m exhausted.
I pretend to fall asleep while on the phone with you and you whisper, “I love you even though you always fall asleep on me.”
You introduce me to your friends as your girlfriend and they say, “Oh, so that’s who you’re always talking about.”
You play with my hair and when I notice it, you blush.
You crush me with your hug.
You hold my hand, even when it’s cold and sweaty.
You show up at my door when I least expect it and you sheepishly say, “I miss you.”
You play basketball with me and you give me a kiss every time I shoot the ball.
You sing love songs to me.
I lean on your shoulders and you just keep silent because you know that’s what I want at the moment.
I wake up with your good morning text on my inbox.
I sleep with your good night text on my inbox.
You give me my favorite candy to show me how sweet you are.
You cook for me.
You blush when you say you’re jealous of someone. It’s as if you don’t want to admit it because I might think it’s ridiculous. But you tell me anyway because you know I’d understand and we’re gonna be okay.
You call me in the middle of the night because you can’t fall asleep and then you tell me everything that’s bothering you. You make me feel like you trust me completely.
You introduce me to your family as your girlfriend and they welcome me as their daughter.
You give me flowers that you just pick on the way to wherever I am.
You let me wear your T-shirts.
There are beautiful girls around and you look at me as if I’m the only one that matters.
I’m reviewing for an exam, you stay up late too.
You go with me when I go shopping, even if they’re girl things which are boring for you.
You don’t complain when you become my driver or errand boy.
You wait for me outside my classroom.
♥  I catch you staring at me, and you look away suddenly.
We’re together or apart. Either way, you always make me feel special. I love every bit of you – your strengths and flaws, your mood, your smell, your eyes. And the list goes on forever.

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