[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

Exam about Two People for One Person

1. Explain, for 1 pt.: Why do I feel as if we’re falling apart?
2. Find the distance in the equation d = (you) – (me)
3. The answer is ‘glacial,’ meaning devoid of warmth, extreme coldness. What is the question? 1 pt.
4. Fill in the blanks: I = feel so cold. You = act s- c—.
5. True or False. I long for someone else’s company.
6. Riddle me this: One is cold, the other is distant. What are they?
7. Define ‘distant,’ not in the figurative, flowery, fictional sense.
8. True or False. I wish you were here.
9. Underline the correct answer: I (want to be , don’t want to be) there.
10. Encircle the right answer: (I love you , I love you)
11. Multiple choice:
(a) = It’s me
(b) = It’s you
(c) = It’s someone else, my part
(d) = It’s someone else, your part
(e) = All and or none of the above.
12. For 3 pts., explain:
“I expected a lot from you.
Did you expect a lot from me?
We’re a happy family, that’s what I like to think but it isn’t fucking true,
Life is shit to me and you.”
BONUS QUESTION: Explain life (1 pt.)
13. Complete the word: Pret-ntious. Noun. Meaning, the world doesn’t revolve around you.
14. Complete the word: Compr-mise. Noun. Meaning, I find it fucking hard to because I’m a selfish sonofabitch.
15. True or False. I love someone else.
16. Underline the correct answer. Why (won’t , don’t , can’t) you get me?
17. Would you rather choose the city or the province?
Attach meanings (e.g., Both places signify two different persons, one you love more than the other. Way more. End of example)
1 pt.
18. Find x, where x is equal to passionate romance, in the problem x = (you) – (me)
19. Explain, for 2 pts. the question: Can you really have your cake and eat it, too?
20. Explain, for 2 pts. the statement: It’s not you, it’s me.

Source: Splintered


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