[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

Feelings of a First-Timer

The hallway was silent. It was as if I was walking in slow motion, looking warily at every door, straining to hear even the faintest of sounds. I felt like one of lockers would open any minute and it would swallow me alive, into nothingness, into oblivion. I looked at the walls and they gave me goosebumps as if they were breathing. Every corner seemed hiding an invisible creature ready to jump at me when I was not looking. Paranoia devoured me.

I knew I was about to do something terrible. I was afraid to open my locker because I hate its creaking sound and it might be heard by unwanted people. They might notice me. But I had no choice back then. I had to get my things and get out as soon as possible.

I walked slowly towards my locker. As I was about to unlock it, a loud bell rang. I panicked. I looked around and all the doors opened at once, letting wild people out.

Oh well, no need to cut classes. It was dismissal time anyway.


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