[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

Sooo, another trashtalk.

So, at 5AM earlier, I was still up and reading random blogs. A friend just woke up and found out I was having another insomnia break. He called me and asked if I still wanted to hang out, though the sun’s almost up and we wouldn’t find any open bars anymore. But I was so bummed so I decided to have him pick me up at the dorm.

We ended up buying beverages at Ministop and drinking them at his apartment. I was venting out the whole time and he was just sitting there, listening. I felt better after that. He cooked breakfast for me and he said he’s going to skip his morning classes because we’re kind of wasted already because of beer. I said I’m gonna skip all my classes today. Haha.

3PM. So here I am. I just got back to the dorm, actually. Now, I could sleep.

Thank you Nick. You’re priceless!


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