[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

To all my friends…

who showed their enormous concern when you found out i was hanging out with him again, now is the best time for you to say, “I TOLD YOU SO.” i was blind and stupid and crazy. i thought he might really change for the better. i thought he would treasure me this time. but, second chances are totally for idiots who didn’t see the point of the first chance. i would’ve given him a second chance, but i realized, i was just saying it like that. the second chance was really for myself, not for him. ’cause deep inside, i know it’s not gonna work, but i still went for it.

i thought, this time it’s gonna last forever. LOL. who was i kidding? i should’ve known that i was just a pastime. that weekends are the days he was looking forward to, and not the days when he could meet me. that he made a big fool out of me for almost believing in his iloveyous and imissyous again.

almost. it was almost perfect. he almost had me there.

so, here i am again. i know, when we guys meet, you’re gonna drown me with scoldings and lame advices. but when that happens, i’d follow every bit of advice you’d give me. ’cause now i learned how the fuck it would go if i went the other way around.


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