[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]


if i had the chance and the means to marry someone right now, it would be you. you insist that you’re a delinquent, but everyone knows that you’re not. you try to hide your soft side by drinking and smoking and hanging out with good-for-nothing friends. but it’s so easy to read you. you thought that no one would take you seriously. but i do.

i feel safe with you, and believe me, it’s so rare that i feel safe with someone. you can always rationalize things when i say that life is so unfair. you know my ups and downs. you never get tired of listening to my complaints. you never force me to, but i want to be a better person because of you. i want to impress you. i want to deserve you.

with you, it seems that life is easier to understand. you know how to calm me when i feel like breaking down. your personality makes any girl fall for you in an instant and i’m extremely afraid that someone else, someone better and less complicated, would take you away from me. on the other hand, your soothing words make it easy for me to believe that i’m the only one you like, if not love. there’s a certain sincerity within you when you talk to me. when i hear your voice, i stop wondering if everything you’re saying is the truth or just a trick.

i trust you. that’s the most important of all. all secrets revealed, no lies said. you’re different from all the guys out there. i know that you wouldn’t fail me. and i hope i’m right this time.


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