[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

My Life in Snapshots

If I could capture my life in snapshots
You would be my favorite photograph
Under it, the caption would be:
Someone with the most ineffable beauty.

I love that word, ineffable
It thoroughly defines you, indescribable
Seems like no word could ever justify you
You’re far beyond speech, far beyond virtue

If I could download scenes from my memory
I’d be playing ours in a high-def TV
Especially the moment you kissed me in the rain
That time we walked for miles and I didn’t mind the pain

I was wearing my high heels then, my bad
We were stranded in the flu-infested flood
Yet, I wasn’t sad, not angry either
‘Cause you were with me in that shitty weather

And if I could record any sound, any song
Your voice would be on replay all day long
I’d listen to your “I love you” over and over
And as finale, it would be your “forever”

Yes, forever sounds like a fairy tale
Looks like a story doomed to fail
But I believed you when you said we are eternal
We are infinite, our love is immortal

Our love is ageless, we are timeless
It is an affirmation, more than a yes
And if the flukes of the universe would let us grow together
There would be a picture of us, holding hands, on our rocking chairs


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