[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]


We used to talk about things
While sitting by the fountain –
Things we want,
Things we don’t know for certain,
Things we dream about,
And things we believe in.

We used to walk along the avenue
And promise each other
That when we grow up
We would be richer;
You would be the president
And I’d be a famous singer.

We used to have long conversations,
Our phones hot on our ears,
Talking about snippets of the past
That brought us joyful tears,
About unfinished homeworks,
About wild nights and beers.

We used to laugh a lot
Until we gasp for air,
We used to shout on top of our lungs
Never minding their stares,
We used to hum and sing
Like nobody’s listening,
We used to chat during sleepless nights
About anything, about everything.

I thought I would always hear your voice,
That you’d be there no matter what,
I thought you were the only constant thing
In my ever-changing life.
I thought we’d always be a pair –
One void without the other,
I thought we were inseparable,
I thought we’d never dare.

Now, the only thing I hear
Is that deafening silence,
Mocking me, scorning me,
Stressing out your absence.

This silence is pressing down on me
Burdening me with a weight I cannot bear,
I strain my ears to hear the faintest sound
There’s not a single breath, not even a whisper.

It is a deadening silence,
A very low and static hum,
Something that keeps ringing in my ears
Even long after it’s gone.


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