[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

About Feelings

You’re teaching me about feelings…

Feelings I’ve known all my life
Like love and like and happiness,
Though I wasn’t aware before
That feelings could be so intense
So strong
So moving
That it feels like they’re all spilling
to every inch of my body.

Feelings I’ve never felt before
Like this tingling sensation
Running down my spine,
Like a million angels
Were blowing air softly on my ears,
Like a canopy of freshness
Was always following me around,
Making me giddy and lightheaded
With delight.

And finally,
Feelings I’m sure I only felt for you
Feelings I couldn’t put the right word to
They’re like a whole, new and different spectrum
A myriad of colors in their finest bloom.


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