[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

Come Follow Me

We are young
And we don’t know ourselves
We are struggling to find
Our place in this world

We are lost
And we don’t know the way
We are running in circles
Trying to chase all our dreams

Then You appear in front of us
Lighting our path
So we kneel in your glory
We hear Your words at last

“I’m your Shepherd and you’re my sheep,
I will guide you when the road is steep,
Just follow your heart, come follow Me.
I’m your strength when you are weak
I will comfort you when you are sick,
Just follow the light, come follow Me.”

All the time
We’re confused
And in doubt of ourselves
From the time
We wake up
‘Til we lie on our beds

But then we lift ourselves to You
And let You lead our lives
Now we’re standing before You
Let Your words come alive

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