[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

A Supposed-to-be Autobiography

[this one was a required paper for my sociology class]

Sometimes, the best accomplishments are not those that are awarded by medals, certificates, and trophies. Sometimes, they are the things we gain inwardly, those that affect our lives not by adding large plaques of appreciation onto our walls of fame, but those that make such an impact that we come to realize that tangible things cannot measure our achievements.

Well, I’ve been reading random autobiographies lately and I noticed what the highlighted topic is: achievements. I realized that most of the autobiographies are like textual advertisements promoting people who exceptionally did this and that. On one side, it’s like wow. But I came to the point when I asked, “Is that all?” I mean, life is not all about what we accomplished. Of course, we all consider that a great success. But, those attainments really don’t mean anything if there’s no realization. Anything becomes void when what we see at the surface doesn’t convince us to look deeper inside.

Anyway, those are their autobiographies. I just browsed them in the hope of finding something good to imitate. I totally have no clue how to write an autobiography. But yeah, two things I learned from scanning them are, first: the world is so full of people who boast about themselves (and boasting could be done in a good and a bad way), and second: writing an autobiography is a lot more personal than what we usually think (thus, it should be as unique and as original as possible.)

So, this is my autobiography. After the three lengthy paragraphs of blabbing and ranting, I could begin telling my own story, finally, finally! Forget about the lame attempt to imitate their style. I’ll try to tell as much as I could about myself, though I still don’t know what to tell and where to start. If sometimes (or often), you find me rambling, please do understand. It’s the first thing you need to know about me anyway – I’m always confused and long-winded. So, there!

I’m Mary Angelica del Rosario Bonifacio, a rather long name for me, really. Hence the nickname Gigay emerged, although no one knows where it came from. I was born on April 15, 1992 and they said that I was actually laughing rather than crying when I popped out of my mom. Well, that’s obviously one of the biggest kwentong barbero I’ve ever heard. My parents are a very lovely couple. My dad’s name is Frederico Bonifacio, a skinny guy who is so lazy to shave his beard. He’s so industrious in everything else anyway, so I guess it’s just okay (except in scolding me every now and then, that’s never okay). He’s a seafood dealer to restaurants and malls in Metro Manila. He is a chain drinker of coffee. He plays the guitar so well and he truly loves the 70s and 80s bands and songs. My mom is Aileen Bonifacio, a rather plump one who loves to sleep. We all understand that because she’s taking medication. She stays at home to take care of the house and the dogs. She also looks after my little brother, John Erick, 9 years old and now a Grade 3 student. We have a lot of dogs and puppies before, but due to financial problems (you know, food and vaccines and stuff), they were now down to three. So, there, I guess we are a big family… including the dogs.

My written history started when I was three because that was when I learned to write my long name, which was all I could write, except for random doodles on our walls. They also said that I could already count to a thousand that time, which was a bit exaggerated for me. Anyway, I had a delightful childhood. I experienced a lot of sunlight and rain and I was very thankful that my parents allowed me to bask in the sun when global warming was just a theory and dance in the rain when it was not yet so acidic. I was boyish as a child, not wanting to wear those fluffy dresses and skirts with lots of ruffles that made my skin itch, and preferring toy guns and robots instead of Barbie and her playhouse. I was also fond of climbing trees and playing in the fields. When the house was located in the middle of nowhere, I mean, forest-like land, all you could do is climb and crawl and roll and anything that minimizes the need to walk. That was my grandparents’ house anyway. Around it were fishponds (where I used to swim with the tilapias), rice fields (where I used to fly kites and annoy the cows and goats), and well, lots of trees. I could say that I was a nature-lover that time, simultaneous with being a nature-destroyer.

I kind of lost the time winding up with nature and animals when I was four because I went to Day Care. I know, I know, it was too early for me to go to school. But I did anyway because I got so in love with the assorted puto they were selling at the mini-canteen there. So, I attend school just for those, and oh, for the colorful ID beads the other kids were wearing. Much to everyone’s surprise, I enjoyed school and*drumroll* the school year ended with me topping the class even though I was just a saling-pusa then. On recognition day, the mayor gave me a huge gold-plated medal, a coloring book, and coloring materials that were already broken even before the day ended. I stopped school when I was five to be a freelance hide-and-seek player, with my freelance friends, of course.

“I remember first coming here as a hopeless and fearful kid of six who doesn’t want to let go of her grandmother’s hand.” –quoted from my salutatory address, ICCDC batch 2008.

When I was six, a great life-changing event happened to me – I went to a real school as a real student, and not just a saling-pusa. I was too intimidated by the big school, stern teachers (which surprised me because there was a different teacher every subject), and not-so-friendly classmates (or so I thought). I felt like sailing, or more like drowning, in a sea of strangers, as a cliché goes. So, I never failed to ask for my grandmother, which never failed to accompany me to school. I actually made a history at school for being such a crybaby that my adviser asked my granny to sit-in beside me. It was a shame when we recall that at home.

“And guess what, ten years later, nothing much has changed. I’m often fearful and occasionally hopeless even at 15. But eventually, I learned to let go of my grandma’s hand—in all unwillingness.” –quoted from the same salutatory address.

I did improve anyway. I got more attentive to teachers who tried so hard to make me smile by giving me stars or stamping a smiley at the back of my hand. I became friends with my classmates who appeared to be villains in my life story before. I even won a writing contest about “La Niña” even though it was a huge mystery how I became a contestant. I learned to love that big school. I grew up physically as well as emotionally and socially and I found myself reciting my valedictory speech during our Grade 6 graduation. And it felt great!

High school life just passed by like a swirling mass of wind and dust. One thing that was so interesting and exciting about it was having to cope with being a teenager. When I talk about high school, I always say that a lot of confusions popped up, like feeling those weird emotions associated with heartaches and heartbreaks. I also experienced sleeping so late in the evening, or not sleeping at all, to cram an unfinished project. I really had a hard time managing my time that time, even now. I had the courage, or the bitchiness rather, to argue with my parents about hanging out on weekends or my asking for one buck too many for a certain schoolwork. I also had the courage and the guts to tell lies about hanging out on weekends and my asking for one buck too many for an imaginary schoolwork.

“Reaching another milestone of success should have been a very difficult journey for me… along the way, I saw every transformation and change from the smallest particle of an invisible vapor up to the biggest boulder of rock of the mountain. I might not have paid much attention to those natural evolutions because I was partly afraid and partly excited for the changes that would happen within… hey, being a teenager is not easy… trotting along the blurry road towards a very distinct destination was a hard task, really hard.

But since I managed to reach the end of my high school life, I reckon it’s not the time for me to retell all my hard works and stuff. It’s the time to look back in gratitude to those who selflessly helped me all throughout my stormy journey… Without my friends, parents, and teachers, I would not learn that the best way to have a great teenage life is not by battling those changes but by coping with them. They molded me to be a well-rounded person… and I’m still thankful for a million things… blah blah blah!” –from my blog post, written March 29, 2008.

High school was the time I had my firsts. First real boyfriend. First real heartbreak. First time I became reckless with my grades. First prom, of course. First declamation. First real fight with my dad. First alcoholic drink. And the list goes on. It was the time I miss right now and if I had the chance to stay at high school all my life, I would, (if my batch mates would do it too). And oh, I still became the salutatorian despite my whatever-happy-go-lucky attitude. I have a cute little saying, “Second placer is first loser” which I got from a book. A friend said it was really made for me and it’s coincidentally true. But duhh?! I wouldn’t want to be bitter, would I? Life goes on, and I go on. Haha!

Anyway, I’m now a college student, taking up BS Psychology. Do not ask me why I took this course because I have no valid reason. I just like the sound of it, and the enigma it divulges to some people asking what it means. I am proud that I’m semi-independent now, because I live in a dorm. I budget my own money and manage my own time (which is still unmanageable, unfortunately). I might have said that I’ve grown up, like I’m mature now. But I’m still immature most of the times. To prove that, I maintain a blog on Friendster, which is now a little unupdated.

I also developed some hobbies out of boredom, like playing the guitar, making poems, and composing songs. “I always call myself a happy-go-lucky girl. Happiness is all that matters to me when you happen to see me. I laugh a lot. I like going to parties, especially slumber parties. I like ice creams, cakes, and chocolates. I like going to the beach although I’m not good at swimming. I love having fun. I love playing volleyball with my pals, badminton with whoever has a racket, table tennis whenever there’s a table for it, and pool, or sometimes, billiards. Music makes me happy, too. I like listening to them. I enjoy playing the guitar… I always admire nature. I like having short walks along the road and seeing the beauty of the surroundings that gives me fresh air… Anime is great!! Watching them makes my day complete. Oh, and a picnic with friends is also delightful, and sharing happy moments with them makes me simply be me.” –from my blog post, August 26, 2007. Oh, did I mention I’m a choir member? So, yeah, I got my dad’s musical inclination and my mom’s religiousness.

Here’s a chorus to song I composed entitled “We’re In Love, Until Now” which was supposed to be dedicated to a special someone. That’s another story anyway.

You make me cry, you make me smile

You make me pray and touch the sky

You make me feel feelings I can’t explain

We thought it’s over but it’s not

You sent a message and I got

To understand what you feel inside

You still belong to me

And I want you to know

I’m yours

We’re in love, until now

I know it sounds a bit cheesy, but yeah, that’s it. As of now, I’ve made 24 songs. Don’t admire me, most of them are mediocre anyway. I also made about 80 poems and lots of sweet-nothings. Well, that’s me… confused, emotional, school-hater, corny, and whatever!

I have dreams “to travel the world… go to outer space… be the richest person… have superpowers… be an angel (LOLS) …learn gymnastics and breakdancing…meet my foreign friends…unlimited choices in my wardrobe…experience the four seasons in the Philippines…be a successful storywriter or movie director…own a castle…be beautiful (LOLS again) …own a private jet and plane…have a talking pet…popularize my songs…be a genius (heck!) …stay only half day in school…watch unlimited anime…be a doctor (more realistic) …own a mall where I can get what I want (haha) …go inside a pyramid…go to a harry potter shoot…climb mount Everest …go scuba diving…swim with the sharks …see a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…(it really gets more stupid every time) …talk with animals …own a beach resort …make a worldwide computer virus…own a very very big flower garden …go to heaven when I die…and many many more…………”–from my blog post, January 22, 2008.

So there, 16 years of my life made me tough. I already rode along the high and low notes of life, fell and rose up a lot of times, and still am not used to losing. Anyway, I don’t know if this counts as an autobiography because it already sounds like a confession, but this is the best description of my life as of now. I was planning to add my favorites but it might sound like an autograph. Well, I didn’t include what’s the meaning of love or life for me, or my most embarrassing moment, or what could I say about the government nowadays because this essay would be so long and winding that you’d be forced to tear the papers up because most of it would be nonsense anyway.

Again, I’m Gigay for short, and I guess after all you’ve read, that’s all you need to know about me. Gigay is all you need to know to call my attention. Then, I’d tell you my whole autobiography live and updated.


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  1. ann

    hi gigs..

    April 14, 2009 at 4:50 PM

    • wee..
      yaa, gigz is also ma nickname..
      i love ma nickname.. lolxx..

      April 14, 2009 at 6:51 PM

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