[it’s where you could find me when you couldn’t find me anywhere else]

The Usual Story

The Usual Story (1)

completely sucked into oblivion, i was sitting at the corner and wondering if i would see you tonight. we had a fight yesterday and we parted ways without even saying goodbye. it was difficult. i didn’t sleep well. i kept thinking if it was my fault. or not.

but i told you, be fair. you kept accusing me without even listening to me. without even looking at your own mistake. yes, you saw me at the mall with another guy. but, that very moment, didn’t i see you with another girl? you were even holding hands with her. and there i was, dumbstruck, feeling humiliated, and my only consolation was the half-heard soothing words by the stranger beside me.

of course, he was a stranger! he was an exchange student and i was assigned to show him around. you jumped into conclusions, honey.

and i was even posed to forgive you, to let your moment of disloyalty pass, if you just say sorry and admit that you’re wrong.

you didn’t call me last night. you didn’t text me today. i already knew i was at the losing end. but here i was, still hoping that i would see you tonight to patch things up. yeah, i’m a complete moron.