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Seshari Says

dirty politics in our soiled coutry

Seshari says:
“How dirty is politics in our country? Is it really unattainable to clean the mess and straight the mistakes of our political leaders?


First of all, I am not generalizing our politicians. I still believe that there are those leaders who serve the country wholeheartedly and without bad ulterior motives. The country is progressing, yes, although rather slowly. Thanks to those with good hearts who cannot take the bad state of the nation, to those who act for the better, and to those who use their power in the right way. But these good political leaders are not the topic here. I am speaking of those who keep repeating the same mistakes and taking huge advantage of their positions in the government to do unjustifiable things. It is very disappointing to hear over the news that some of the biggest political figures are questioned about their ill-gotten wealth. The never-ending problem on graft and corruption is still unsolved. Political dynasties are set all over the country. Intense rivalries among officials lead to assassinations and ambushes. Bribery and pay-offs are very common during elections. Impeachment complaints can be heard here and there. Extrajudicial killings are just like games of hide-and-seek for them. Justice and integrity are set aside for power and luxury. And to think that this is a Catholic country, it is very annoying that they are losing the sense of morality.


I am not saying that all the problems that the country faces are accountable to these politicians. But I know that one of the biggest topics nowadays is the political crisis. And what are they doing to prove that they are worthy of their positions? Sitting on their swiveling chairs all day and watching the poor begging for alms? Relaxing in their air-conditioned rooms while the laborers are thinking hard of how to get an extra income to feed their families? Working on those laws about taxes and other things they want to pass for their own benefits?


Now, that’s the real challenge for them. They should stop doing wicked things for the sake of the country and its people. They should be unattached to worldly things that make them greedy and sinful. They should realize that there are some things more important than material wealth, like honor and responsibility. Changes are really hard to do, but they should remember their oath to the whole country, their promises, the chances we give them, and the millions of people waiting for their sincere actions towards a better Philippines.


And for us, fellow citizens, we should also accept challenges. We should not grumble all day about the bad shape of our country. Rather, we should fight for our rights and take part in the development and progress of our nation. We should be wise enough to know the right step, the right decision, the right choice, and the right action. Complaining about irresponsible politicians will only make everything worse. So, instead of protesting along the roads, let us keep hoping and believing that there is good in every person, and in every politician. Like what we hear so many times, we must be united. And when someone asks what’s happening to our country, we will simply say, “It is becoming the Philippines that we, Filipinos, are dreaming of.”




irregular routine… (is there such a phrase like that?)

Seshari says:

“Every day is just the same as it seems. But I know it makes a difference deep within.”

As someone living on earth, I feel bored with my life. Each day, I wake up as early as 5am to prepare for school. Then, I scold my brother for being so slow and we exchange loud remarks just to satisfy our egos. I always try to say goodbye to my parents but my dad is still sleeping when we leave and mom goes back to sleep after grooming us up. When we ride the tricycle to go to school, I attempt to reconcile with my brother or say sorry for my impatience, but nothing happens. I end up spending the ten minutes wondering what life has in store for me. Realizing that life is just the same, I shake my head and smile to myself.

As soon as I get off the tricycle, I walk fast-paced though I know I’m still early. When I enter our classroom, I find only two or three of my classmates there and we spend the rest of the fifteen minutes chatting with each other. Eight hours at school passes by so quickly. I sit on my chair listening to every teacher, sometimes trying hard to keep myself awake. After class hours, I go home tired and stressed. I try to greet my parents, but when I see their crossed eyebrows for some reasons, I go straight to my room and stay there until dinner. Before I go to sleep, I realize that nothing new happens to me.

I feel like I’m an empty person, moving like a robot, finishing task after task, going from home to school and back home. I fail to connect with the people around me. I live my life by routine. Life for me is just like a video that keeps playing and rewinding and playing again.

I know I can’t be like this forever. There is more to life than sunrise and sunset. I should make the most out of each day. When I’ve planned what to do the next day, I sleep. But as I wake up, everything’s just the same again.

Many of the students also feel this way. It’s like everyday is a copy of yesterday. And worse, it’s all black and white. But, have you ever thought of the simple achievements that make life extraordinary? The short moments that make you laugh until you cry? And the remarkable things that are worth reminiscing? Then life’s not boring at all!

Remember, you manage your own life. Everything is up to you. You are given different choices and all you have to do is decide and choose. Every day, the sun rises to give you the opportunity to live life well. It also rises to let you be the person you want to be. Then one day, it won’t rise anymore. When that day comes, will you be glad with what your life has become? Or will you ask for another chance to live?

As we are on our way to school, my brother taps me on the back. I look at him questioningly. Then, he says sorry for his misbehavior at home. I take a deep breath and smile at him. I know every day is exceptional, not just usual…